So, you want to buy a Crapple computer?

Crapple hardware is inferior in most ways - the same goes for software. Richard Stallman gives a lot of proper reasons, but your accountant (can be substituted by common sense if necessary) can give a lot more - by comparing the bare metal hardware without all the customer lock-in (that you can avoid).

Why do people buy Crapple computers?

We have identified the key reasons why people buy Crapple computers - and they aren't pretty. Luckily, they are avoidable - even without violence against Crapple's sales team.

Marketing BS
They get fooled by Crapple's marketing bullshit.

The - with all due respect - greatly staged product reveals fool users into believing that Crapple's products would be superior, modern or innovative

Reality is, the products use cheap hardware in an expensive case - if retailers even go as low as having the components available, they are vastly inferior to anything this price tag would get you normally.

Most of Crapple's marketing claims can be disproven within a few minutes.

Customer Lock-in
They were locked in after buying expensive software.

Crapple used to be the number one platform for creative work - music, image or video editing and so on.

This is often no longer the case with superior free software available - but those who paid huge license fees back in the day will of course be Crapple's little bitches and buy the overpriced cases of inferior hardware.

Also, the voluntary usability blunders that Crapple's OSs have make it hard to use proper OSes again - this wears off after a few hours of using Linux or even Windows.

Stockholm Syndrome
They don't realize they're held hostage anymore.

Stockholm syndrome is a mental condition in which a hostage identifies with their captor, possibly even falling in love and fighting by their side.

Not only is this visible with hostages, but also people fiercely defending Crapple, so called Fanboys. This happens not only due to the customer lock-in, but the specific, voluntary changes that make it hard to switch back to using a good operating system.

If you find yourself liking Crapple products, you may be affected and should seek medical help.